At Touchwood Timber we take every care to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and meet our customer expectations, however it must be understood that timber is a natural product and may be subject to

-          Colour variation

-          Changes in the stability of the timber due to heat and humidity 

-          Variations in grain, texture

-          Imperfections such as gum veins, knots, shading etc

All timber products are oiled or waxed prior to shipping to provide protection and maximise the life of the product, they are well packaged and protected to ensure that arrive at the destination in good working condition.

However, small movements and changes in timber do rarely occur and therefore, we can give no warranty expressed or implied as to possible defects occurred due to the delays in transport, during which exposure to high heat or humidity might occur.  We really cannot be held responsible for these factors out of our control.  

Having said this, we make sure that we send only the best quality goods and packaged and protected as we possibly can.  We do however adhere to the principles of honesty and try and make up for shortfall where we have not been able to deliver what we promise.

We reserve the right to manufacture hand selected individual pieces and would ask that you may from time to time experience some minor variation in the finish of the end product/s that you receive, this is one of the unique features of our handcrafted timber products.