Buying Guides


Product Protection:

All products from TouchWood Timber are sealed with blend of Grape Seed and a Kitchen Grade Non Toxic Tung Oil and gives the timber a natural matt finish that is resistant to water and spills. These boards are ready to serve food from.


Poroduct Care:

-          Wipe/Rinse your board lightly under warm water after use

-          Always allow the board to air dry in an upright position on the back of your sink or well-ventilated place

-          Store your board in a well-ventilated place when not in use

-          If your board becomes dull, apply a light coat of coconut oil with a lint free cloth

Do not - Submerge your board under water when cleaning

Do Not - Wash your board in the dishwasher, they are not dishwasher safe

Do Not – Put your board away wet

Do Not - Store your board in a dark place or in direct sunlight



Kitchen Grade Tung Oil is non-toxic and is nut extract. 

Persons with an allergy to nuts should avoid using these products.

You can contact TouchWood Timber on 0417 447 483 for more information or request an alternative coating when ordering products .